One of the most important questions you can ask is how your order will be shipped.

Avoid Curbside Delivery

Shipping can make or break your furniture shopping experience. There is a very big difference between Humble Abode's furniture specialty carrier service and the curbside back of truck carriers used by most online furniture retailers. Most furniture is too large for UPS or FedEx so it has to be trucked lined and most other online furniture retailers use cheap curbside truckers that haul cinder blocks, barrels of oil, construction equipment, etc and you have to take the furniture off the truck out of the street. These inexpensive common carriers are not well suited for residential delivery with large semi-trucks that won't go into many residential neighborhoods. Curbside truckers usually deliver to warehouses and construction sites so customers end of waiting around for hours or days with no phone call saying they are late so you miss extra days of work and can't leave the house for hours. The worst part is that curbside carriers have a high damage rate so you end up starting all over again waiting days or weeks for another delivery with the same carrier so it can happen again.

Humble Abode Appointment Delivery by Furniture Specialty Carriers

Our service is one of the biggest reasons thousands of customers order large furniture from Humble Abode throughout the US and we maintain an excellent shopping experience by avoiding curbside delivery for over 18 years. Instead, Humble Abode free shipping is with a furniture specialty carrier so you have a great experience and get your furniture in perfect condition. Once your order ships we will email you the tracking number so you can see it travel. Once your furniture arrives in your local area, an appointment person will call and schedule a time for delivery. Humble Abode furniture delivery carriers specialize in two areas, fine furniture and residential delivery. We know our customers have busy lives and even a little scratch on your furniture is not acceptable. Our furniture specialty carriers will take the furniture off the truck and bring it to your home so you can receive it at your ground floor Entryway. This is Humble Abode’s Free Shipping and it’s one of the reasons so many customers order large, quality furniture from Humble Abode. In-Home Setup Services are also available.

Shipping is one of the most important things to consider before making a purchase. At Humble Abode, the main focus of our shipping program is service, reliability, quick transit, tracking visibility and the safest undamaged delivery.

Large Size Shipments

Prior to Delivery

Humble Abode ships large size furniture orders, such as most bed sets, with companies that specifically deliver furniture. Our furniture carriers are experts at delivering to residential addresses. Once the order is picked up, a tracking number will be issued. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email with the subject "Receipt", followed by your order number. This is notification that your credit card has been charged and the order is in transit. Our specialty furniture carriers will not attempt delivery without first contacting you to schedule a delivery appointment. We do require that someone be present to inspect the packages and sign for them.

Important Delivery Instructions

Your order was carefully inspected before it shipped. Please follow these instructions to help protect your investment.

1. Count - Make sure that you receive the correct number of boxes and that each is addressed to you.

2. Notate - Make a visual inspection of the carton(s). Always describe their condition, noting any crushed corners, punctures, tears, smudges, scrapes, footprints, creases or anything suspicious. Should concealed damage be discovered after opening the carton(s), your notes document that the damage occurred prior to your delivery.  Example: 'All Boxes Damaged' (Does not apply to UPS or FedEx Ground shipments left without signature). Do not write ‘subject to inspection’.

3. Open – Open the carton(s), only if the item is exposed or showing through the carton(s). Please inspect the contents and verify the damage with the driver, noting item and condition on the delivery receipt. Example: 'Footboard Damaged' (Does not apply to UPS or FedEx Ground shipments left without signature).

4. Accept - Do not refuse any item, even if damage is verified. Always write a description of the condition of the carton(s) and any damage on the delivery receipt. Acceptance of the entire shipment with descriptive notes documenting damage will expedite the replacement process.

5. Report - E-mail or call (877) 692-2633 to report all damages/defects to Humble Abode immediately and within 48 hours of delivery. All email and voicemail is time stamped for reference.

6. Keep Boxes - Do not dispose of the packaging until completely assembled to your satisfaction. Boxes are required for returns.

7. Do Not Leave Note - Leaving a note for the delivery agent to drop the shipment off without a signature means that you are accepting the shipment as is and releasing the delivery agent from all liability for damage or missing cartons.

8. Protect Your Investment - Failure to document carton conditions on the delivery receipt during delivery may result in additional charges for replacements. Always make notes!

Delivery Addresses with Access Restrictions

If the delivery address has access restrictions requiring a delivery vehicle smaller than a box truck or typical furniture delivery truck, you are required to notify Humble Abode prior to ordering to obtain quote for the additional cost of a specialty vehicle or equipment. If customers fails to notify Humble Abode of access restrictions prior to ordering, customer is responsible for additional cost of specialty vehicle or equipment.

Please Note: If you refuse an order or after three failed attempts for delivery, fees will apply per our cancelation and return policy.

Our carriers are professionals and do their very best to deliver within the scheduled delivery window. However, unforeseen circumstances like mechanical difficulties or weather conditions may delay a delivery past the appointment deadline. These delays are very rare but if your delivery has not arrived within 1/2 hour of the end of the delivery window, please call Humble Abode and a representative will contact the carrier and get an update for you or make other arrangements. We will do everything possible to assist you if your order is delayed, but Humble Abode cannot be held responsible for such delays and all other policies still apply

Humble Abode, Inc. reserves the right to send a replacement item or replacement part for damaged items. Damaged items must be noted at the time of delivery and reported to Humble Abode within 48 hours of receipt. If damaged items are signed for without inspection or WITHOUT DAMAGE NOTED ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT, the cost of replacing the piece or pieces will be the responsibility of the consumer. If you decide you do not want parts or a replacement unit, the remaining items and parts can be returned under our standard return policy. If a product arrives and is the incorrect item due to an error made by Humble Abode, Inc. or the manufacturer and it cannot be corrected with a full replacement or replacement parts, Humble Abode, Inc. will be responsible for the cost of returning the item or items.