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Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle 

Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle


Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle
  • Duralink Deck Lends Firm Even Support
  • Convenient, Storable Sleeping Surfaces
  • Sturdy Construction, Designed for Long Life and Safety
  • Universal Brackets, Reinforced Corners
  • Collapsible Trundle for Storage, Easily Lifts Up
  • Common for Children, Sleep-Overs and Guests


    The Ultimate in Function! "One of the most functional pieces of furniture you can buy". Humble Abode Duralink Trundle Beds are a smart choice for many reasons. The metal trundle bed set can be used in the following four ways:

    1. Space Saving Single Twin Bed - Leave the trundle rolled under the high rise frame and you literally add square feet to your home.

    2. Drawer Trundle Bed - Roll the trundle out but leave it in the down position, like a drawer trundle bed. This is the most common use for kids and sleep-overs and that type of situation.

    3. King Size Bed - Pop the trundle bed up next to the high rise bed frame and you create a king size bed, perfect for couples.

    4. Two Separate Twin Beds - The trundle unit is mobile and can be taken to a separate room or against the opposite wall from the high rise frame. Even when using the trundle as a separate stand alone twin bed, the trundle will pop to the normal bed height, which is especially important for elderly people who might have difficulty getting in and out of a bed that is low to the ground.

    Trundle Bed Mattress Requirements: All Humble Abode daybeds and trundle beds, and nearly all others require a mattress that is 8" thick or less and standard twin size. Humble Abode has teamed up with Sealy, the largest mattress manufacturer in the world, to offer a very comfortable trundle mattress at a great price. Keep in mind that while the top part of a daybed or trundle bed does not have a thickness requirement, it is a good idea to get both mattresses identical so that when you pop the trundle up to create a king size bed, both mattresses will be even.

    The Original Duralink Trundle Bed Exclusively sold by Humble Abode!

    Please note: Mattresses are sold separately. For an exceptional complete package deal, please view our

    Duralink Trundle & Sealy Mattress Value Pack 

    High Rise Frame
    38 1/2"
    78 1/4"
    15 1/4"

    38 1/2"
    Collapsed Height:
    Elevated Height:
    15 1/4"
    Total Weight Limit:
    250 lbs

    Name: Laurie G.
    Review Date: 7/13/14 7:39 PM
    Rating: 4

    Duralink trundle bed
    Received the bed last week and it seems advertised. Assembly instructions left something to be desired. Height of stationary bed could be one of three different heights, but nowhere in instructions did it tell you which height would be level with the trundle when it is popped up. Consequently, our trundle is a bit lower than the other bed. Unable to re-do because of space restraints in our room. Oh well. Bed seems nice.

    Name: Karie
    Review Date: 6/25/14 9:55 AM
    Rating: 5

    Duralink Twin Trundle Bed & Pop-Up Trundle
    Had two relatively new twin size mattresses & was looking for a more compacted way to use them instead of taking up a lot of space in a seldom used guest bedroom. Ran across this frame & pop-up trundle, read the reviews, & placed my order. 2 large & 1 small box were delivered via freight truck about 10 days later. Pop-up bed was fully assembled & in its own box. Main bed frame required simple assembly. Put the mattresses on their frames, & rolled the pop-up underneath the main frame. My mattresses are 7" thick, & were placed directly onto the metal frame. I do not think thinner mattresses or foam would be comfortable if used in the same manner, unless a solid surface was added atop the springs. Had only two minor issues--one with a small metal shard on the frame that snagged the mattress cover, & a quick filing remedied that issue. Also, one of the pop-up's safety tabs was stuck in a closed position, but was freed up with a little prying. The pop-up trundle works easily, & raises to the same height as the main bed, creating a King size bed. It is also easy to close & put away. Afterwards, I put one of the twin bedspreads back on the bed & added a variety of pillows. I now have an attractive daybed off to the side of this room, & I am able to make better use of the space for other projects. I have already recommended this product to several of my friends & neighbors.

    Name: Thomas Tompkins
    Review Date: 6/20/14 5:33 AM
    Rating: 5

    Product Review
    Product is just what we wanted. It arrived in a timely manner with no damage. Glad I did business with your company.

    Name: Nancy
    Review Date: 6/15/14 5:53 AM
    Rating: 5

    Duralink Trundle Bedframes
    Got the Duralink trundle bedframes (both the bed & pop-up) two weeks ago. Read all the reviews before purchasing as we'd never had a trundle bed before. I have to say, the frames are awesome! Well made, just heavy enough and expect them to be durable for years. Beds are mainly for use for grandchildrens' sleepovers and occasional visits by guests. Purchased 2 memory foam mattresses (cheaper, but nice enough quality). Both mattresses are 8 inches in height, and the mattress with the pop-up just fits under the trundle frame. A relative, who has back problems, spent a couple of nights on it this past week and said he slept really well. Would recommend the Duralink frames to anyone looking for this type of bed; makes our smaller extra bedroom look huge. With a quilt set & pillows on it, it makes a wonderful "daybed," but not as cumbersome. Was pleased to have found these at Humble Abode, as several years ago, we'd purchased our own iron bed from this company. As with our bed, the price was great, shipping was free, there's no tax, and the frames arrived in excellent condition. It took about 20 minutes to put them together. Love the frames, love our bed and love Humble Abode!

    Name: Collette Gesinger
    Review Date: 5/1/14 9:48 AM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    This was exactly as promised. Great service I would do business with them again.

    Name: Kathy Cromie
    Review Date: 4/23/14 9:50 AM
    Rating: 4

    trundle bed
    It took a very long time before I received the bed and when it finally arrived the boxes were pretty banged up. I was afraid there'd be some damage but to my delight there wasn't. We put the bed together after a bit of confusion with the directions but then it went smoothly. The bed works fine and will be a great spare bed.

    Name: Linda Scalpati
    Review Date: 4/4/14 7:27 PM
    Rating: 5

    highrise twin bed and trundle
    Very satisfied. Well made and sturdy.

    Name: Philip
    Review Date: 3/19/14 5:21 PM
    Rating: 5

    Recent order
    Excellent quality & delivered without any damage. Rating: 5

    Name: Helen
    Review Date: 3/13/14 10:19 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle Bed
    Love this bed. Good quality, easily assembled. Trundle goes up and down easily. Week one. So far so good. Would definitely recommend.

    Name: Margaret Mathews
    Review Date: 2/9/14 4:39 PM
    Rating: 4

    trundle bed
    We like the trundle bed. It is exactly what we hoped it would be. The one thing that would help improve our experience would to have the instructions include a picture of the fully assembled beds. It took us a while to figure out what the instructions were talking about.

    Name: Midloyo
    Review Date: 1/31/14 3:26 PM
    Rating: 4

    Trundle bed
    Bed frame and trundle appear well made. Took over 1 month to recieve. I was not in a particular rush but that seems like a long time to me.

    Name: Laurie OBrien
    Review Date: 1/20/14 3:08 AM
    Rating: 5

    Bed frame & trundle bed
    Perfect for our cottage where space is at a premium! Very solid construction and we loved that it DIDN'T have a headboard and footboard so we could use it as a "couch" when not being used as a bed!

    Name: Alan Kagan
    Review Date: 1/13/14 6:50 AM
    Rating: 5

    Hi raiser bed
    Quality product, much better construction of what I had seen locally Excellent service and delivery. Overall an "A".

    Name: Marilyn
    Review Date: 12/20/13 2:40 PM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    Love the bed--arrived in good condition and on time. Easy to assemble once you've spent some time figuring it out. The included instructions could be clearer, but otherwise is a great buy!

    Name: Jacqueline Hall
    Review Date: 11/20/13 6:01 PM
    Rating: 5

    metal bed frame
    The bed frame was in excellent condition, even tho UPS left it on the steps outside in the rain & I was away. The best part is that I was unable to find this product anywhere and was sooo happy to find it at Humble Abode.

    Name: Frank Finch
    Review Date: 11/6/13 4:30 AM
    Rating: 5

    Day Trundle Bed
    Good service, no damage to the product. Easy to assemble.

    Name: Carolyn
    Review Date: 11/2/13 3:18 PM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    Have it together, have not USED it, but looks like it will be fine.

    Name: Karen Clair
    Review Date: 10/15/13 9:01 AM
    Rating: 5

    pop up trundle
    Like this product very much. Fits perfectly in the space I needed to accommodate. Would recommend it to anyone.

    Name: hollman, dorothy
    Review Date: 10/11/13 8:31 AM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    you were really good in all your communications and dellivery was on time

    Name: Karen Clair
    Review Date: 10/10/13 9:49 AM
    Rating: 5

    high rise bed w/ pop-up trundle
    i am extremely happy with this product. it was exactly as described, and it fits perfectly where i needed it to be. the trundle is easy to pop up and down.

    Name: Mary Patterson
    Review Date: 10/1/13 7:52 AM
    Rating: 4

    trundle day bed
    received product on time and it was just what I expected

    Name: Paula Thrasher
    Review Date: 9/19/13 5:15 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle bed
    Great service, delivery, easy set up and good quality

    Name: MARY
    Review Date: 9/9/2013
    Rating: 5


    Name: Kirk Fetzer
    Review Date: 8/29/2013
    Rating: 3

    Trundle bed
    I give Humble Abode high marks for quick shipping and all arrived in good contrition. As for the product itself it looks adequate to do the job and I ordered this one over other models due to it having two cross-members at the head and foot bs only one, which I hope will aid in stability. Corner brackets have some sharp edges, to the degree that I'll have to file them down to keep my kids' little fingers from getting cut when they go to tuck in the sheet. Also, somewhat common on these beds, but the bottom side of the wire mesh trampoline has very sharp ends to the wires. It's in how they manufacture these, but if a kid rolled out the trundle and crawled under the top bed, like the do to make a fort or get a stuffed animal, they could easily get cut or scratched. Lastly, the corner brackets have three holes for night adjustment , but the highest position in not possible due to the fact that the bolt hole is too close to the side rail itself such that the nut won't fit on. Possible to get a thinner nut at the hardware store, but not sure it that would even clear the space.

    Name: Nancy
    Review Date: 8/28/2013
    Rating: 4

    Trundle bed
    A guest finally slept in the trundle bed and they said it was very comfortable. It is also the only trundle I know that will become a king bed as well as separate into 2 twins. It is very easy to pop up, but slightly more difficult to push down.

    Name: Karen Cook
    Review Date: 8/7/2013
    Rating: 3

    bed frame
    Needs better cross bracing at the corners

    Name: Barry Zerangue
    Review Date: 8/1/2013
    Rating: 5

    Duralink Twin Trundle Beds
    The Duralink Twin Trundle Beds, High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle has meet all expectations. Easy to set up and use.

    Name: M.Kennedy
    Review Date: 7/31/2013
    Rating: 5

    Trundle Bed
    Everything fit together perfectly and all parts were included. Something rarely found with mail orders Will buy from there again

    Name: Evelyn Parrish
    Review Date: 7/25/2013
    Rating: 5

    Trundle bed w/pop up
    Very pleased with the product. fast delivery and easy set-up.

    Name: Lynda Umberger
    Review Date: 7/17/13 5:06 AM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed and twin frame
    We are thrilled with the new twin bedframe and trundle bed. The trundle arrived "put together" and only the legs had to be screwed to the frame so it was very easy to assemble. The trundle folds down easily and with the mattress slides nicely under the frame. It appears well made and quite sturdy so we hope to be using it for years to come.

    Name: Edna Smith
    Review Date: 7/2/13 7:06 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle bed
    Very good to do business with.

    Name: Constance
    Review Date: 6/25/13 5:19 AM
    Rating: 4

    Trundle bed
    This 70 yr. old female put it together all alone. The flat head bolts were a little difficult - a groove for flat head screw driver would make it easier & more secure.

    Name: Richard Morgan
    Review Date: 5/22/13 8:29 AM
    Rating: 5

    Day bed with trundle
    The only day bed and trundle available with the matress frames at the same.

    Name: N. Rae
    Review Date: 5/15/13 4:46 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle bed frame
    Arrived promptly; easy to assemble; great addition without taking up too much room.

    Name: Emilie Pearce
    Review Date: 5/1/13 5:08 PM
    Rating: 5

    Twin frame/trundle
    Thrilled with this product. Received in 9 days from time of order, very quick assembly of the twin frame (trundle came fully assembled). Just what I needed for additional guest sleeping in a small space.

    Name: Kristyn
    Review Date: 4/23/13 8:58 AM
    Rating: 4

    It's a good product, relatively easy to put together.

    Name: Britt Emerson
    Review Date: 4/15/13 6:36 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle beds
    I am so pleased with both the trundle beds and the service of your company!!

    Name: Nancy
    Review Date: 3/27/13 5:32 AM
    Rating: 4

    pop-up trundle bed
    We are very pleased with the product. It is just what we needed. Thank you for the timely delivery, as well. We had an important timeline for delivery and it was met with days to spare.

    Name: Kristine Hansen
    Review Date: 3/7/13 7:39 AM
    Rating: 4

    Duralink Twin Trundle Beds, High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle
    Would actually give this a 4.5. It arrived on tidy. It is sturdy and can support average+ sized adults as well as our little guys. Space efficient with trundle. Be mindful of your hands and fingers when "popping" the trundle. Looking forward to using this for many years as our grandsons grow.

    Name: Anthony
    Review Date: 2/20/13 5:27 AM
    Rating: 5

    The bed was great quality, well made. It was a day bed.....we love it

    Name: alan lee
    Review Date: 2/19/13 8:48 AM
    Rating: 4

    akita platform bed
    The bed was well engineered and performs well. My only reservation was that the color, while described as barley on your website, in real appearance, the headboad has a bit too much yellow tint resulting in a diminishing of the look and feel of wood.

    Name: Phyllis Peters
    Review Date: 2/19/13 8:47 AM
    Rating: 5

    trundel pop up bed
    The trudel bed arrived after 3 calls the delivery person was excellent the product was great however as previously mentioned by other customers we had to run out to get screws nuts and bolts cost of $4.99 in order to put it together .Perhaps you could be a little clearer when it comes to delivery Thank you

    Name: Sherry Nott
    Review Date: 2/6/13 6:05 AM
    Rating: 5

    pop up trundle bed
    Excellent quality, makes no noise, and easy to assemble. Very pleased with it. The free shipping made a difference of where we purchased this bed.

    Name: Glenda Horn
    Review Date: 12/26/12 4:55 AM
    Rating: 5

    Duralink twin trundle
    This product is exactly what we wanted, and is precisely as described on HumbleAbode's website. It was easy to assemble, high quality and sturdy. It shipped when promised, and although I was dismayed to see damage on the 3 boxes when it arrived, there was no damage to the products. I highly recommend this trundle set.

    Name: Marilyn
    Review Date: 12/5/12 1:01 PM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    I ordered a twin bed with pop-up trundle. It is exactly what we were looking for and it works perfectly. Construction is very good. Price is a bit high - but so is the quality. Shipping was fast and free.

    Name: Stacey Johnson
    Review Date: 12/1/12 10:00 PM
    Rating: 5

    Ordered shipped quickly. Happy with product and service.

    Name: William Morgan
    Review Date: 11/29/12 12:39 PM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    The bed arrived sooner than we expected and is exactly what we were looking for. Daybeds we have seen take up too much space. This one is compact and sturdy. Highly recommend the bed and Humble Abode.

    Name: Pat Hayes
    Review Date: 11/13/12 6:11 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle bed
    Very simple to setup

    Name: Susan
    Review Date: 11/10/12 12:29 PM
    Rating: 5

    Duralink Trundle Bed
    This is a great bed. It is very sturdy and was very easy to assemble. The trundle came assembled so all I needed to do was put the frame together. It is a very nice product for the value. I am very pleased with it all around. :0)

    Name: Diane
    Review Date: 11/10/12 12:03 PM
    Rating: 5

    I would buy this product again.

    Name: Rhonda Guthrie
    Review Date: 10/29/12 8:15 AM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed set
    Very easy to assemble.....would order again!

    Name: Allan Beawin
    Review Date: 10/15/12 2:36 PM
    Rating: 5

    Duralink Twin Trundle Beds High Rise Frame & Pop Up Trundle
    I was satisfied with the product. It was easy to assemble. The product delivery was on time. Thanks!

    Name: Carla Harris
    Review Date: 10/12/12 5:38 PM
    Rating: 4

    trundle bed frame
    not like my mother's, but nothing is these days

    Name: Bradley
    Review Date: 10/6/12 7:12 AM
    Rating: 4

    Dura link trundle bed
    Ordered a Duralink twin trundle bed with pop up frame. Overall it seems well made and was easy to put together. It has an adjustable upper frame which is a nice feature so it can accomadate a thicker mattress. Price was reasonable and with free shipping it was a great bargain. Bought it for when the grandkids stay over so haven't slept on it as of yet.

    Name: Eva Champion
    Review Date: 10/2/12 10:10 AM
    Rating: 4

    pop up trundle bed
    I was satisfied with the purchase.

    Name: Susan Sellars
    Review Date: 9/25/12 8:12 AM
    Rating: 5

    Day Bed with Trundle
    This item arrived promptly and my husband and I put it together easily. It is sturdy and just what I expected. Will order again from this company.

    Name: Theresa milo
    Review Date: 9/20/12 3:43 AM
    Rating: 5

    Highriser bed
    I was very pleased with the product and the service. Wished more companies were like this!

    Name: Victoria Buie-Owens
    Review Date: 9/12/12 3:20 AM
    Rating: 4

    high riser with pop-up trundle
    This bed is good quality.It took a little effort to make it pop up evenly but we figured it out. I know the grands will love the extra space in their room.

    Name: BJ Dorsett
    Review Date: 8/16/12 5:47 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle Bed
    I would recommend this frame to anyone. The design is perfect, the quality is great and the overall performance and ease to use is very user friendly. And not to mention - it saves a ton of space. Wasn't able to find a better price anywhere for this quality product. AND FREE SHIPPING - I'M A VERY HAPPY CAMPER ;-))

    Name: Al Stenulson
    Review Date: 8/20/12 9:21 AM
    Rating: 5

    trundle bed
    Impressed with the professional and expedient service. Exceeded our expectations on delivery time, very knowledgeable employees. It arrived so fast we missed hookup with delivery people. Would do business with this company again. Thank you for doing what you said you would. Maybe other companies could follow your lead.

    Name: Allan Tavss
    Review Date: 8/21/12 6:25 AM
    Rating: 5

    Delivery was quick and courteous. Product was exactly as stated and is well made and designed. Best value on the internet.

    Name: Susan
    Review Date: 9/10/12 5:13 PM
    Rating: 5

    Daybed High Rise Frame
    Took awhile for delivery but came in fine shape although the box was some dishelved. Was no problem to set up

    Name: Terena Hudson
    Review Date: 9/4/12 11:54 AM
    Rating: 5

    Pop Up Trundle Bed
    Product was exactly what I expected. Delivery was a little longer than first noted when placing the order but was able to check status of order. Given the fact that I had followed previous reviews, I was not disappointed regarding delivery date - I realized that it might take a little longer. Very satisfied with product, delivery and free shipping!! Thanks,

    Name: Karla Kennedy
    Review Date: 9/8/12 6:54 AM
    Rating: 2

    day bed frame
    No so good. Can not tighten the bolt tightly enough to keep the legs straight! Oh my!!

    Name: Daya Muralidharan
    Review Date: 8/14/12 9:54 AM
    Rating: 4

    Review for Trundle Bed + Day Bed
    Instructions can be a little more clear, but all in all, wasy to put together and good design for functional use. I've only just set it up, so cannot comment yet on quality and performance.

    Name: Kathy Champa
    Review Date: 8/12/12 3:47 AM
    Rating: 5

    Trundle bed frame
    I am very pleased with this trundle bed frame. Very sturdy, easy to put together and the service from humble Abode was wonderful!

    Name: Nadine Phelan
    Review Date: 7/5/12 3:21 PM
    Rating: 4

    trundle frame
    Truly happy with my order. It is all I expected and more, fits my mattress perfectly. Shipping was no problem, even though the boxes were scared due to the weight, all items were in perfect order

    Name: kathy pacitti
    Review Date: 7/5/12 5:50 AM
    Rating: 5

    daybed w/ pop-up trundle
    This is a great product and the description was exact and the price was very good! Delivery was right on time with no problems.

    Name: Michaele Woods
    Review Date: 7/3/12 5:23 AM
    Rating: 4

    bed frame for trundle
    It was great, n/c shipping but the directions could have been more descriptive

    Name: Carol Luscher
    Review Date: 7/2/12 8:49 AM
    Rating: 5

    daybed & trundle review
    I am very happy with both the bed and the service from Humble Abode. I came to the Humble Abode website quite by accident, after searching for bed frames with trundles. The bedframe is very well made, went together easily and is exactly as pictured, and just what I wanted. I haven't purchased mattresses yet, so I can't say if it's comfortable, but I think it will be, as the springs are firm and tight, and nicely spaced. The value is excellent, since I did not want a big twin bed, or even a traditional metal framed daybed, and did not want to pay for that.

    Name: Daniel Hall
    Review Date: 6/9/2012 1:10 pm
    Rating: 2

    Trundle Bed
    Very Good

    Name: annie scott
    Review Date: 6/1/2012 11:04 pm
    Rating: 5

    Product design and quality is good. Great price.

    Name: Sharon
    Review Date: 5/10/2012 5:55 am
    Rating: 5

    Pop-up trundle bed & frame
    Excellent product. Well built. Pop-up pulls out and pops up easily in seconds. This was the perfect choice for my guest room.

    Name: Cholonda Holmes
    Review Date: 4/27/2012 11:36 am
    Rating: 5

    Trundle Bed Frame w/ Pop Up
    Finally had time to set up frame and it was easy to do. Just what I was hoping for my guest room.

    Name: Barbara Lee
    Review Date: 4/3/2012 7:12 am
    Rating: 4

    Twin bed and trundle bed
    Beds came on time. They were easy to put together. Trundle pops right up. Can't wait to give them a try with my granddaughters.

    Name: Ann marsh
    Review Date: 3/29/2012 11:22 am
    Rating: 4

    Daybed and trundle
    As expected from Internet description

    Name: Cindy Reid
    Review Date: 3/14/2012 1:08 pm
    Rating: 5

    Great product, and delivery service. Best of all it was made in the USA.

    Name: Charles J. Cook
    Review Date: 3/8/2012 8:45 am
    Rating: 4

    trundle bed
    Very happy with product.

    Name: BG
    Review Date: 2/21/2012 8:17 am
    Rating: 5

    Bed with trundle
    I ordered 2 twin-sized beds with 1 trundle. They were easy to assemble and set up. The beds have been field tested by my grandsons and worked beautifully! They seem to be made very well, and I'm sure they will stand up to 3 rough boys.

    Name: Patti Weichselbaum
    Review Date: 1/19/2012 7:21 pm
    Rating: 4

    review bed order
    The frame arrived on time with no complaints. I was warned the box had a dent, but the frame was intact inside. I am very pleased with my order and the service I received.

    Name: ellen bell
    Review Date: 12/27/2011 1:34 pm
    Rating: 4

    duralink trundle bed
    The bed is working great. There was a slight delay with delivery, but once HA was contacted, the bed arrived quickly.

    Name: Judy Goldfarb
    Review Date: 12/27/2011 8:14 am
    Rating: 5

    pop-up trundle bed
    We ordered the main bed with a pop-up trundle. The product is very good and works great.

    Name: Connie Rogers
    Review Date: 12/23/2011 12:00 pm
    Rating: 4

    Trundle & bed
    I was very happy with the product, just what I needed. It took longer to receive that I expected but arrived in good condition.

    Name: Sue
    Review Date: 12/15/2011 2:57 pm
    Rating: 5

    pop up trundle
    Very happy with my purchase! Bed arrived with no damage went together easy.

    Name: Joy Froyd
    Review Date: 12/13/2011 7:17 pm
    Rating: 4

    Hi rise bed frame and pop-up trundle
    The frames seem pretty sturdy, though haven't been slept on yet. I tapped poly chair gliders into the bottom of the square plastic caps provided for the legs--the square ones make it really hard to move the bed at all when it's on carpet. The trundle platform is barely 38.5" wide and with lipped edges, does not accommodate the foam mattress (39-40") I had bought. Love the mattress; wish they didn't put "edges" on the trundle frame that limit the type of mattress. Minor issue with a defect was handled very promptly and courteously by Humble Abode, and to my satisfaction...nice customer service. Overall, I think it will serve its purpose well.

    Name: Nicole
    Review Date: 12/9/2011 6:34 pm
    Rating: 5

    Great Trundle Set
    We received this last week, and have been very please with it. It was super easy to set up, definitely took less than a half hour. Seems to be very sturdy and easy to use. If you are curious, there is not an easy to attach the bed frame to your headboard, but I think we may try to rig up some way of doing this - doesn't look like it would be too hard. Overall, item is great!

    Name: Nancy Downey
    Review Date: 12/7/2011 11:16 am
    Rating: 3

    Trundle Bed
    It arrived on time. It was simple to assemble. it's ok as a very simple bed, don't expect it to look better when it's all dressed up.

    Name: Leon Dorsey
    Review Date: 5/26/2011 2:36 pm
    Rating: 3

    Duralink Trundle Bed
    The bed frames are well designed and assemble quickly. Don't believe their claims that the produce ships in 1 to 3 days. I placed my order on 5/9. It shipped on 5/19. I had to send Humble Abode an email asking when it would ship. Something tells me that it would have shipped later had I not asked. The order was delivered on 5/26. Which means it took a full week to get from California to Texas. Shipping may be free, but it isn't worth the inconvenience.


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